Thursday, October 4, 2012

Menu Making Made Simple: Baby Steps!!

Baby Steps, Baby stepsbaby stepsbaby steps, baby steps, is what FlyLady is always reminding her readers to do when it comes to any household adventure. My last post about the kitchen could certainly overwhelm any friend reading my blog. If THAT is YOU, I want you to do what my children sometimes tell me (not so often now, have I finally made progress??) Mom's RELAX!!

Keep Menu Making Simple!! Baby Steps, Remember?!

  • Don't stress over a WHOLE month; WholeHeartedly do just ONE week!!
  • Make the same thing EVERY SINGLE Saturday. We have made pizza for years on Saturday, making Saturdays a no-brainer.
  • Then you only have 5 weekdays and Sundays.
  • Look at your calendar each week and pay attention to nights where something is scheduled. Make an easy peasy quick meal. You might want to prepare it ahead or use the crock pot. 
Never Follow Me!!

  • When my children were young and I was too (no comments please) I would make a shopping list...BUT...I would either forget it at home or leave it in the car!! No joke!! Don't laugh!! 
  • Frequently I cook supper and forget to thaw what I planned to make or to look at my fridge in case the list was there!! No joke!! Don't laugh!!
  • Recently, it was an easy peasy quickie night because we had brass band and prayer meeting at church. I thawed some sausage, cooked up onions and the sausage, then decided to boil some eggs for my husband's lunch (threw in a few extra eggs), then opened a can of corn (then realized it wasn't creamed corn), opened up the fridge only to find leftover Creamed Corn from the other day (perfect!!)....BUT I forgot to look at my menu I posted so faithfully about!! I had planned, Sausage Egg Casserole!! I suddenly realized I was cooking sausage, onions, and hard boiled eggs. All I would have to do is to assemble them and voila!! My man would be happy!! 
The best laid plans of Mice and Man!! 

Do you have blond moments like this?? 

Menu Planning and List Making is an excellent discipline and sure helps you to remember to buy milk at the store. Whatever you do, don't over-stress over the process and try to get everything done at once, and if you can only do part of it right now because of the stage you are in, that is just fine!!

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  1. Im always forgetting to thaw something out! Drives me crazy, cuz I know there are lots of things to eat for dinner I just didn't plan ahead. But most Weeks I cook 1 or 2 big meals on Sunday to eat on throughout the week.

    1. I like sharing about what I do, yet, I want to be real because life sometimes pans out differently than planned.

  2. I frequently forget to thaw what I need for dinner, or more frequently, I figure out what's for dinner when it's too late to cook dinner. (shame on me, I know!) Thankfully meat will still cook when it's frozen, it just takes longer! These posts are timely, we plan on making a Costco run on Tuesday after taking our little birthday boy to the zoo. So I have a few days to figure out what we will eat for awhile until the next run. I still like the pizza night idea, definitely plan to incorporate that!

    1. Whoops...that should read that I figure out what's for dinner when it's too late to THAW anything, not too late to COOK dinner! Haha, we really do have dinner at a decent hour most night. ;)

    2. Or, is "too late to cook dinner" sometimes true because, if you are like me...there are times that the afternoon gets away with me and I have to change up what I am doing to get it cooked soon enough.

      I used to have bagels, cream cheese, and either canned soup (shhh!!) or potato chips when I got home from groceries and errands when the children were little. I had a bunch of fussy munchkins to feed!!

  3. This was hilarious -- and you kept telling me not to laugh!
    I don't make menus, but I do make grocery lists. I usually bring them in the store, too -- but I rarely look at them until I'm done shopping. :-)

  4. I usually respond to my comments out of my email and YOUR comments went automatically to my junk folder? Isn't that weird? I just happened to check it today and there you were! But I fixed it and you ain't no junk now, girlfriend! Lol! I treasure your comments so don't know how you wound up there.

    This post is too funny. I am glad to know that I am not the only one who does things like that. I have also been known to start a recipe without checking to see if I have everything I need....because OF COURSE I do, right? Wrong!

    Fortunately both kids drive but they also both work and so who knows if either of them will be home when I need them, lol!


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