Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Momma of Boys

I am blessed to have four boys. Obviously, being a momma of boys is a whole different ball game, than being a momma of girls. First of all, they make all kinds of noise. From the time they start making sounds, they are making sound effects. As soon as they are walking they are running!!

I was introduced into the world of boys with my first child. Two years later I had a little girl, so I had the comparison and saw the difference right from the start. Who in the world says boys and girls, or men and women are the same!! My son started crawling when he was seven months old. It was Christmas time and my husband put his train set around the tree. My little baby boy started crawling towards the little train, on eye level, he wanted to play!! He maintained a love for trains for years. 

My boys moved so fast. Too fast to think of putting a whole roll of toilet paper down the toilet. They just moved fast!! My oldest son taught me all I needed to know about boys (or so I thought.) He was hyper. Or was he being naughty? Sweets made him overly active. Or was he just being a boy? He was crying and falling apart because he was tired. Or was he being willful? 

When my oldest was about five, I tried playing a little softball with him...that is until I threw the ball into his forehead. That was the end of the game and my attempts at playing ball. We stuck to walks and outings instead.

If you are a momma of boys, what have you learned?

I have learned many things but most of all I wish I learned what I know sooner. Isn't that always the case?!

Here are just a few things I learned:
  • To let them be boys
  • That I can teach them to make their beds and clean their rooms (but they are boys and they just might stop when they are about 17...because they are boys)
  • I can teach them to help around the house but they would rather have a job when they are older (God didn't design them to be Keepers at Home)
Boys are just different. As we mother these precious gifts from the Lord, how can we be mothering without smothering?? Stay tuned as this week, I try to address these very pertinent issues out of my experiences.

In Christ Alone,

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  1. I am literally waiting on the edge of my seat for the next posts!!!
    can't wait!!!!


    1. LOL...So do you want me to email them to you personally or do you want exercise a little patience?? You put such a HUGE smile on my face to start my day off!!

    2. haha......okk I will wait! You put out so much good stuff I need a day to chew on things and let it sink in. So, I will work with your timing.

      I trust it :) Can;t say I am not hoping for a preview though! but no, one day at a time.

  2. I have 2 boys! Thanks for sharing this! Love it!


  3. I have two boys as well, 5 and 2. They are rough and tumble boys and sometimes I wonder what I've gotten myself into! Looking forward to your posts! Your newest follower from www.heiditakingtheplunge.blogspot.com


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