Friday, August 17, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Stretch


Five Minute Friday: Stretch

Where a beautiful crowd spends five minutes all writing on the same topic and then sharing ‘em over here.
1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
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I lingered in bed after waking this morning and had to stretch before getting up.
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Going through the long day without children home is quite a stretch for me but they will return after a month. A short stretch and they will be gone for a long stretch. Children are given to us so they can be arrows sending out the light of Jesus Christ to a lost world for the long stretch
They are in Africa for a short stretch. They are visiting churches, orphanages, and schools: singing and playing their brass instruments, and preaching the gospel message. They are telling others living this life of a short stretch that Jesus died for their sins. They are being my arrows for the long stretch of eternity. People will spend their long stretch either in heaven or hell. That is a long stretch
Some of our children, living with us for the short stretch while we raise them, will be arrows shot in the wrong direction. They will choose to spend their eternal long stretch in the wrong place. Their moms need to be comforted after all the short stretches of each day (which at the time seemed like long stretches) because they put all they had into the lives of their children, the best they could to aim them towards the long stretch of eternity in God's presence. God cares for these mammas. He understands because he is so grieved that many of His children have also chosen to spend the long stretch of eternity in the wrong place!
In Christ Alone, Judith
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  1. Good job on the FMF! (Five minute Friday!) :)

    I liked this line especially-
    "...because they put all they had into the lives of their children, the best they could to aim them towards the long stretch of eternity..."

    Keep on writing!

    1. Thanks Liz!! Three of my children are on a mission trip and are having the experience of their lives aiming others towards the long stretch of eternity with Jesus. I am so blessed, though I miss them terribly!!

  2. What a beautiful juxtapose of this stretch on earth and our stretch in heaven, of short stretches and long stretches. I was so blessed by your post and I wanted to read again and again. I am going to share it. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for sharing this fun post. I enjoy the 5 Minute Friday probably most of keeps originality flowing :-)

  3. wow..I love your creativity..and message!


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