Friday, August 31, 2012

TEN TIPS for Getting NOTICED out in the Blogisphere

Women like a good conversation and blogging is just that to many of us ladies!! There is rarely a post that I don't enjoy, gain some valuable insight, or challenges me spiritually to grow in Christ...BUT...

If I write a boring post, you'll most likely hit the little "X" up in the corner!! If the content of my post doesn't peek your interest, why should you waste your precious time?? Just hit the "X" up in the right hand corner!! I won't know!!

There are thousands of blogs out in the blogisphere all vying for attention. Within the niche of godly homemakers we each have zillions of posts waiting each day to read. How many of them go unnoticed?? Why am I writing if no one is reading my thoughts for the day?! How can I grab your attention; or you grab my attention for that matter??

Here are Ten Top Tips for Getting NOTICED out in the Blogisphere:
  1. Choose a captivating attention getting title.
  2. Write an opening paragraph that draws your reader into your post.
  3. Select a picture and place it right after the first paragraph to visually engage your reader. We women are very visual (if you hadn't noticed!!)
  4. Remember that your reader has the option of hitting that little "X" in the red box up in the upper right corner of your screen!! YIKES!!
  5. Place the second paragraph right after the picture and make it just as enticing as the first!!
  6. Write between 500-700 words (OR YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR AUDIENCE)
  7. Ask your reader questions throughout your post to give interaction and spice.
  8. Remember no one wants a post to be a book!!
  9. Keep the body of the post as strong as the opening paragraph
  10. Ask a question to your reader at the end of your post that continues the conversation.
Even if you write an excellent post, if it is too long (like some of mine have been) your reader will likely skim through it at best. Young moms don't have time and shouldn't neglect their husband and children for blogging!! Realistically, there might be dishes in the sink and laundry piling up. 

It is better to divide a good post up into two days or even three. People are reading differently than they did even ten years ago. They are looking for a quick read. They often would prefer to read on a screen or tablet than to pick up an actual book with many chapters.

When I learned that blogging should be short and sweet it was sweet relief!! Admittedly I am working on that but not getting too far!! 

What about you?? What blogging tips do you have??

In Christ Alone,

"But as he which hath called you is holy, 
so be ye holy in all manner of conversation. 
Because it is written, 
~I Peter 1:15,16~


  1. This hit home for me. Yes, you did give a lot of good points to engaging the reader, but I love the subtle hint of prioritization you outlined - young wives should not neglect their husbands and children for blogging.

    Sadly, I have. Especially with the 'blinking-window syndrome' I seem unsettled until I check on that blinking light.

    I need more discipline.

    Thank you for sharing. This helped.
    Patty from

  2. Yes, I can't tell you how important it is to not neglect our husband and children, especially when they are little. When my children were little, there weren't blogs yet with Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest all connecting. There was other things though that could steel my time from my family. I actually resigned some of my involvements, one was on the internet and don't neglect it whatsoever. I am not saying to quit anything but do it while your children are sleeping. I would miss you anyhow.

  3. hi Judith, thank you ,i like to mess with backgrounds and banners lol...
    How are you doing?

  4. Great tips, Judith! Thanks for sharing. Gail

  5. Thanks for the tips Judith. I've read that #6 should be as short as 200 words. I personally think it's good to vary the lengths of posts. Really I need to work on engagement, I want people to feel connected and valued but I'm not really sure how to accomplish that. Questions have to help, I need to do that more often.

  6. 200 words sounds like a great tip, Leslie!! Sometimes I use Evernote because I am trying to learn how to use it :-) and it counts my words. I love that. I am NOT good at writing a short post but am trying to learn how to do that. I find that I really appreciate the shorter posts when I am reading them myself. I am always short on time because I put my family first. I also find that the more I write about marriage, the more it reminds ME to improve my part in our marriage. My husband does a pretty good job on his part.

    I really like your thoughts on engagement of your reader and making them feel connected and valued. I think you do a superb job on engaging, connecting with and showing your readers that you value them.

    Gail, you are the BEST when it comes to writing a post that is packed full of wisdom, yet short enough that we can run back to stir the soup without forgetting it while it burns. We are all learning from you so long as we are subscribed to Bible Love Notes in our inbox daily (just a plug there :-)


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