Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lilla Rose Sale!! And WholeHearted-Home Wednesdays Link-up #4

Guess what I am selling?!

I kept seeing Lilla Rose everywhere I went!! I needed something better to hold my hair in place and was intending on purchasing a clip. I often saw a friend wearing her Flexi-Clip so I knew that they were beautiful and sturdy enough to work in my hair. 

Since my favorite way to wear my hair is looong, I am often finding it needs to be out-of-my-way....yet presentably attractive. I am a mother of seven, so would have found Flexi-Hair-Clips a life saver when my  children were babies and toddlers since having my hair loose was not an option. My hair is thick and often past my hips and wearing it up with dressy clothes using a gazzilion pins creates pressure and a hurting head!!

What amazes me is how Flexi Hair Clips are available in all sorts of sizes to fit the needs of my thick hair and  those of ladies with finer hair. What I love is that the clips stay in one place all day long for any hair type or length!! What is even better, is that these clips have timeless beauty that cause women to question how they can purchase them too. How incredible is that?!

I'd love for you to visit and shop around and see what Lilla Rose has to offer at my website.

They have a sale right now, so those usual great prices are marked even lower!!

Lilla Rose Flexi Clips are the answer for managing my hair in an affordable, yet elegant style. Lilla Rose offers videos which help you style and fit the right size clip to your personal type of hair. They provide such an elegantly simple look that compliments will be coming your way just as soon as you walk out the door!! You will feel comfortable and confident about your hair as you move about. How amazing is that?!

In order to decide size for your personal hair type, and to see the Flexi-Clip in action, you may view the Lilla Rose sizing video.

And now, for today's Linkup Party #4
WholeHearted Home Wednesdays!!! will have to scroll down below my links to find the link party thingy. I had NONE and now I have TWO!! I can't get rid of one and place it where I want it to go because it doesn't show up in 'compose.' I was hurrying to get out the door for the airport yesterday, and did it all wrong!! I don't even have any favorites listed from last week!!

Thank you to all who linked up with WholeHearted-Home-Wednesdays last week!!!! I was soo blessed reading all the posts that each of you ladies left.

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  1. Hello, I found you at Deep Roots at Home and I just wanted to say that I love those pins!!! My hair is long and not very manageable, so I'm thinking these beauties might work for me : ) I also thank you for your cheerful heart. It is a blessing that transpires even to those who don't know you in person. Many blessings to you always. Also, I can't find the linky tool to link up to your link party? (how many times can I say the word "link" something, huh? : ) Where do I find it so I can join your link up? Thank you again and blessings,
    In Christ!

  2. Hi Judith, I plan to link up as well, but like Gisela I couldn't find the tool. I'll check back later. : )

  3. Beautiful hair clips! My hair is short and thin, so I'm not sure they'd work for me. Anyway, I'm visiting from New Life Steward. Blessings:)

  4. The hair clips are lovely-- and so is your hair! After trying my hair long I just had it cut.
    Have a great day!

  5. So!! Now I have two linkups instead of just one and its NOT where I want it!!

    Thanks for all the sweet comments and patience with me :-)

  6. Hi Judith, you can go back in to your html and delete one of your codes you got from Linky. It's not a big deal. Hope this helps. Thanks for linking up with The Alabaster Jar, too!

  7. I keep seeing these clips everywhere too!

    Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday!


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