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Astonishing Answer to Prayer!!

Once there was a young girl whose name was Rhoda. She was praying in a home with a group of people. They prayed and prayed that Peter would be released from prison. They prayed continually through the evening and night.

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It was an exciting time to be alive because people were being saved daily as different apostles fearlessly preached throughout Jerusalem and the surrounding Mediterranean lands. A person who left the Jewish faith to follow Jesus knew their family would reject them and that the government would seek to arrest them. Regardless, more people were added daily who believed in Jesus Christ.

Rhoda was no different. She knew it was dangerous to be identified as a Christian. She loved the Lord Jesus with all of her heart and was willing to die for her faith. Just days before, James, an apostle, had been arrested and put in prison by the wicked King Herod and killed with a sword for his faith. This didn't discouraged Rhoda from following her Lord.

Now Peter had been arrested by King Herod who wished to kill him also. It was just before Easter and so he was heavily guarded in the prison until after the holiday.

As Rhoda and her friends prayed, they were unaware that their prayer was being answered. Back in the prison Peter was asleep between two soldiers with another jail-keeper watching the door to the prison. He was bound with two heavy chains as he slept.

Suddenly in the darkness of the prison there was a bright light and an angle of the Lord standing before Peter!! Peter startled awake, but thought he was dreaming. The angel hit the stunned Peter on his side but Peter continued to act dazed, wouldn't you?!

There wasn't time to loose!! The angel told Peter to get dressed, put his shoes on, and to follow him. Peter followed the angel but still was thinking that he was dreaming. It just didn't seem real!!

Amazing things happen when people pray!! First an angel shows up to free Peter from prison. How amazing is that?! Then as Peter was following the angel, they came to this huge gate of the city. The gate just opened up like the  automatic doors in a supermarket!! They walked right through!! Can you imagine doors just swinging open when you pray like that?!

The angel departed from Peter once they were inside the city. Peter stood there for a moment realizing that there really HAD been an angel of the Lord who freed him from the prison where Herod had him waiting for execution!! 

Peter went to the house of Mary the mother of John and knocked on the door. Rhoda came to the door and heard the voice of Peter and like most young girls was ecstatic!! She squealed and jumped up and down in sheer excitement as she ran back into the room where everyone was still praying. Can you imagine a prayer meeting where everyone is reverently praying with a girl interrupting the quietness with her exuberance?! I can imagine some of the older people reminding her to be QUIET!!

Rhoda persisted in joyfully telling her friends that Peter was at the door!! They told her it wasn't so!! They told her she was crazy! It was impossible!! After all, they had been praying without ceasing but not believing their prayers would actually be answered!! Isn't that what you do?? I know that is me through and through!!

No one expected their prayers to be answered!! Rhoda was just so filled with gladness that she continued to tell her friends over and over that Peter was at the door until finally they went and opened it. They were astonished!! Peter stood at the door!! 

How amazing to have their prayers so miraculously answered!! People were as unsuspecting that their prayers would be answered back then as we are now!!

Tell me, are you really any different?? What are you praying for?? A tough financial situation, a sick child, an unsaved relative or friend, a prodigal child?? 

Are you really believing God WILL answer your prayer if it is in His will?? 

Hmm...I know I lag in my faith. My desire is to pray without ceasing. Those verses about praying without ceasing are heavily highlighted in my Bible but do I really pray without ceasing?? 

I know you are like me, a busy mom completely filled to the brim with caring for your family's needs. At the start of each day your intentions are likely just like mine to remember to pray all day as you do laundry, dishes, and maybe as you homeschool your children. 

If you are like me, you are always with your children and you often forget to pray when you walk out your bedroom door. Just as soon as you finished that wonderful Quiet Time with the Lord, you enter the kitchen to whiny demanding children who make you impatient and cranky. It is easy to forget how much you wanted children once the day starts and those sinful little hearts cry out for attention. Take heart my dear friend and try again. This is another day and another opportunity to walk with the Lord in constant communion through prayer. 

Don't be surprised if your prayer is answered in the most astonishing way!!

In Christ Alone,

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  1. I'm reading the Circle Maker--its about prayer. It's definitely changing my thinking. I just read about turning my prayers to praise even before I've seen the answer--in faith that God will indeed give me what I ask.

    1. I think reading about prayer is my favorite topic. Turning prayer to praise, or even our thoughts for that matter, is so important. Great point, Mary Beth.

  2. I think it's not only you but myself and others who lag in faith. We are such crazy humans. We want to see immediate results and when they don't happen when we want it too, we get get discouraged and our faith gets weaker. This is something I long to improve on because everything happens in God's timing, not mine.


    1. I have heard of people praying for twenty or more years before receiving an answer. God is faithful and we shouldn't get discouraged.

  3. So encouraging! I love how you said that we so easily forget how much we wanted children. This is so true, the docs told me I wouldn't be able to conceive naturally due to PCOS and suprise, surprise - I got two little ones of my very own, on my very own (well, by God's grace, of course). When the doc gave me that prognosis, I just remember being devastated and wanting nothing else than to have my very own kids. And there are SO MANY days this major desire escapes my mind.
    Even though this post wasn't about gratefulness, that topic was subtly weaved through out your message and I thank you for it.
    Patty (from fanta4two)

    1. Isn't that wonderful how the desire of your heart was answered?! What a wonderful priceless testimony of God's answered prayer in your life, Patty.

  4. Today's a good day to pray. A reminder to expect an answer is encouraging. :-)

    1. Everyday is a good day to pray!! Thanks, Nita :-)

  5. I love this post Judith... especially love how you have highlighted the main points which makes it easy to read and consider.

    What you have posted is so true! We pray for God to work out His will in our lives and when He does, we are surprised!

    1. Thank you so much Wendy. I often think to pray for you Wendy, as I know recently you had some 'unspoken' prayer concerns.

  6. I love this story, don't you? I especially love the fact that Peter was sleeping right before he was to be executed. Right before! Just sleeping and trusting in the Lord!

    Great post, my friend. You have such a precious heart and do such a good job pointing us to Jesus. Thanks for linking up!


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