Thursday, August 9, 2012

Do You Write Letters to Missionaries?

We send missionaries out to the mission field to win the lost to the Jesus Christ. We pray for them and support them; but do we write to them to encourage them in the work God has called them to do? 


Three years ago, Esther, my mother-in-law went to be with the Lord at 91 years old. I knew she used her time wisely and prayed often for many people, and I knew she corresponded with friends too. I knew some of these letters went to missionaries but I had no idea the extent until she passed away.

As my sister-in-laws and I were going through her belongings in the apartment where Esther had been living, I was astounded at how many letters she had written!! I could tell because she had many answered responses to notes she had sent out to missionaries. As she had been a missionary for many, many years, she knew well the value of encouragement through writing.

It wasn't easy for Esther to write because her hand wasn't as steady as it had once been. That didn't deter her. She wrote regardless of any discomfort she might have experienced. 

Esther had often talked about connecting with email. She even had purchased a small antiquated laptop for the purpose. I remember my youngest son trying to teach her how to go online, but her eyesight was poor and she really couldn't see what was on the screen. Even her son, gave her some help as she was determined, but she never did get online. She knew it would be easier to keep up with the modern missionary as they send prayer letters through emails. 

Instead, Esther continued to use the typewriter to peck out messages of love and steadfast encouragement to missionaries. This worked. The old ways of sending encouragement through snailmail are actually lovingly received because who wouldn't want a 'real' letter!!

God impressed on my heart the need and importance to also continue this legacy to encourage missionaries. I have not been as faithful as Esther, my sweet mother-in-law, but this is a ministry that I intend to improve, not to mention the great value in planting a vision for missions in my children's lives...but that will be for another post!!

Do YOU write to missionaries? Often, some? If not, take up the challenge and write one or two letters a month. Email counts, you know. What do YOU think? I actually love, love, love your comments!!

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  1. Thank you for writing to us. It's interesting to think of blogging as being more like a Paulene epistle than a simple letter because a blog post gets passed around the church body and hopefully to a few unbelievers too. Thank you for being an encouragement to me. May God continue to bless you and draw you ever nearer to Himself.

  2. I totally agree! I was an overseas missionary for almost 3 years and most of the time I was the only american on site. During that time I got maybe 2 cards and three packages from home. It was definitely lonely sometimes!!! but those cards and packages helped SO MUCH!!! Email is awesome, but if you can send real letters those would be TREASURED!!!

    Our church does a 'ladies art night" every month and we make birthday & anniversary cards for all the missionaries our church supports and send them to them each month. It's a fun time of fellowship with friends, AND we get to encourage missionaries in the process!!!

    great post! visiting from the blog hop! :)

  3. so very true. A word of encouragement is always appreciated when in ministry. I think we would be truly amazed to know of all the great saints who have persevered behind the scenes through prayers and notes of encouragement.
    Keep up the God work.

  4. I write this with a bit of shame. I had never even thought to write to Missionaries. I wrote to my cousin when he was a Missionary years ago in Brazil. Thank you for the blessing of this idea.

  5. Don't feel is a challenge to me!! Just getting something in snailmail is challenging.

  6. Thanks, Judie, I appreciated this post. Thanks also for all your kind encouragements.


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