Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What is Your Vision for Your Children?

Someday I'll be an older lady. For now, I am only getting older and refuse to think that I am old!! After all, I still have two children living at home, both young adults, seventeen and nineteen. I asked YOU what YOUR vision is for your children. Do you care to know what mine has been??
My oldest son is twenty-nine. I remember knowing what I wanted for him when he was an active little boy of six. You might have a six year old. Have you ever thought towards the future concerning this child??

As many of you know, I homeschooled our children and have all along. It hasn't been a piece of cake to invest so much in my children. Maybe you don't homeschool but I am sure that you also have vision for your child's future.

My vision is first, that all my children walk with the Lord. Then, secondly I would like to see my children serving the Lord on the mission field or right in America on the job or in the home. Either way, serving the Lord with all of their heart. Lastly, I desire that they would be willing to give up their life if their faith depended on it. Yes, I know, that last one is rather a bit much, but I would never want them to deny their faith.

I used to see myself someday, sitting in a rocking chair outside on a front porch. At the time, I did not have a porch let alone an outside rocking chair. Now, God has blessed me with both as I daily come closer to the time that my children will be gone. I still need to pray fervently for them now, as they have to make their own choices to serve and follow Jesus. God assures us of our salvation (should we believe in Him) but there are no grandchildren in heaven and our children are not assured of following Jesus unless they make that choice individually. 

My vision for my children is:
  • That they choose to personally believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • That they would serve the Lord where ever they are.
  • That some would choose to serve God in missions or in America.
  • That they would be willing to give up their life rather than deny their faith in Christ.

What is YOUR vision?? Has this challenged you to have vision for your children??

In Christ Alone,

P.S. Pray for my children as three of them are flying tonight (about a 25 hour trip) for a 5 week missions trip to South Africa.


  1. Judith, my daughter is only two but I do have a vision for her. 1) That she has a relationship with Jesus our Lord and Savior. 2) that she is kind and thoughtful of others. 3) That she finds joy in working, being productive and active. 4) I also want to instill the love of learning, God made us eager to explore his world. I'm sure I will have more as she grows but that's the basics. I will be praying for your children this week as they travel.

    1. Those are really wonderful goals, Leslie. Thanks for praying for my children. They will be gone for a month.

  2. What a beautiful post... brought a lump to my throat. Wow! How selfless is this?

    1. The lump IS in my throat because the house is empty even though I am thrilled about what they are doing. Thank you so much Wendy.

  3. Yes, this amazing. I was thinking that you will write something like, I hope that they stay friends with me, we visit often, have family parties together - amongst your visions. But your goals are TOTALLY and COMPLETELY selfless, and all for HIS glory.

    How amazing, I sometimes am crippled with fear that my children will not be around me once they left home. I try to fight it, but the truth is, I think about it a lot.

    Thank you for posting this and helping me realize my perspective is not where it should be. They were His children to begin with, and I am merely helping point them back to HIM.

    These types of posts are why I am a follower - you are an absolute jewel and I treasure your real estate here on the world wide web.

    God bless you, sister.
    Patty (from www.fanta4two.com)

    1. Yes, sometimes they don't live too close when they grow up. That is hard, especially for me, yet, most important of all is that they love and serve the Lord.

  4. Wonderful goals for your children, Judith. Like you, my main concern was that they would love the Lord. Mothers have such a wonderful, difficult job, don't we? Thanks for sharing, Gail

    1. Yes, Gail, it is wonderful and oh so difficult. It is easier when they love and follow the Lord.

    2. Thanks to each one of you sweet, sweet ladies. I came home to all of the nicest comments tonight. There is going to be hardly any dishes or clothes to wash, so please don't become overwhelmed by your piles to do because it means you still have these years to treasure. I will have to wash the curtains and clean out my closet, and find something to wash or clean because Mount Never-Rest is sure not going to be very high this month!!


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